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Geneva Moulins are modern luxury historical commercial buildings located in a highly exclusive and greatly sought-after address in the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland.

The city of Geneva is an international financial center, surrounded by luxury brand retail stores, globally reknown private banks and major corporations such as UBS (including Credit Suisse) and many others.

With luxury real estate on the rise, Geneva attracts a population of ‘High-Net-Worth Individuals’ and smart investors with high-purchasing power, who benefits from successful investment and exceptional high-end real estate.

While visually historical looking from its exterior, Geneva Moulins have been extensively renovated with urban architecture, brought to life with its thoughtfully articulated and modern interiors suitable for both luxury retail and large corporation premises.

Geneva Moulins - A World Class Luxury Commercial Property
Geneva is a beautiful city located at the edge of the majestic Lake Geneva. Our 6 storey plus basement commercial building is strategically located on a small island between the left and right banks of river Rhône, flanked by Quai des Moulins and Quai de líle.
About Geneva Moulins Property
360° View of Geneva Moulins Property
360° View
Location of Geneva Moulins Property
Panorama View surrounding Geneva Moulins Property
Transportation Hub nearby Geneva Moulins Property
About Geneva Moulins Property


  • 3 buildings in one complex.
  • Built in the late 19th century and designed by eminent architect Jacques Elysée Goss.
  • Modern improved interiors, where 93% of the building renovated in the 2000’s, whilst the rest of the building was renovated shortly before 1990.
  • Renovations by the tenants costing around CHF16 million mainly after the Year 2000 (CHF12 million after Year 2000 and CHF4 million shortly before).
  • TROPHY BUILDING Stone-facade and in good condition.
  • A modern building equipped with air-conditioning and heating in both retail and office premises.
  • Prestigious entrance hall with marble-tiled floors, mirrors and wooden paneling.
  • During various years occupied by Prime long-standing reputable Tenants with excellent reputation (Goldman Sachs American International Bankers, Vacheron Constantin, and Jabre Capital Partners) with each of them occupying between 16 to 26 years in the Buildings in various years between 1990s to now.
0 buildings
1 entrances
1 floors
Retail & Office Use
0 basement
Storage Space
2000 sqm
Total Gross Floor Area
2000 sqm
Total Net Lettable Area

Across the street is the famous watchmaker, Franck Muller and the biggest Swiss bank, UBS (including Credit Suisse).

This building is the Original Historical Founding site to the first Swiss watch maker Vacheron Constantin in Geneva, a high-end Swiss watch maker of the world’s oldest watch manufacture since 1755.

This building faces the major City Hub Place Bel Air which is equivalent to BahnhoffStrasse in Zurich.

This commercial property is facing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel du Rhone with more than ten other 5-star hotels with about 10 minutes walking distance.

N⁰ 1 Rue des Moulins
N⁰ 7 Quai de líle
N⁰ 6-8 Quai des Moulins


Geneva Moulins buildings have three sides of potential top signages.

1 Rue des Moulins

Across the street is
the famous watchmaker, Franck Muller;
and UBS including Credit Suisse.

7 Quai de líle

Shop front facing Place Bel-Air,
one of the busiest public transport connection points
and pedestrian junctions of the city,
is just walking distance away.

6-8 Quai des Moulins

Conveniently accessible by car from Place St Gervais to
the north via Pont de líle, a one-way main artery road.
The public car parks of Seujet, Mont Blanc and Grenus
are within close proximity.

Rue du Rhône

Situated alongside the
main shopping streets,
particularly Rue du Rhône,
which is equivalent to
in Paris.
Location of Geneva Moulins Property


Geneva, the second most populated city in Switzerland, is a major financial, commercial and industrial city with a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

It is known as the venue of many international meetings of the highest level, as well as conventions and exhibitions.

Banking and financial services play a dominant role, with about three hundred private banks.


Switzerland is a peaceful, prosperous, and modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labour force, and a per capita GDP among the highest in the world.

Its economic and political stability, transparent legal system, flexible non-restrictive labour and HR rules and policy, exceptional telecommunications, infrastructure, efficient capital markets and low corporate tax rates also make it one of the world’s most competitive economies.


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    1 Rue des Moulins
    P.O. Box 5001
    1211 Geneva 3

    Geneva Moulins - A World Class Luxury Commercial Property